Six years ago, we wrote a song in response to the police shooting of Michael Brown. Unfortunately, the message still rings true.

So, in tribute to George Floyd, Dion Johnson, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other Black lives that have been robbed by our criminal justice system, we are re-releasing that track with a new music video directed by Mikey Campbell.

We ask you to join us in helping keep Black and other individuals out of jail who have not been convicted of any crime by donating to the Black People’s Justice Fund - Metro Phoenix.

Directed by internationally-distributed filmmaker Matty Steinkamp, "Prophecy" tells the story of a young man navigating a world of inequality. While the subject matter is a clear reflection of the divisive issues currently facing our society, "Prophecy" ultimately provides a positive path forward. Steinkamp drew from his own life experience in forming the narrative arc of the video, which parallels his own failed suicide attempt and the new lease on life which he discovered afterwards.

"I was crying the good tears at the end."
—Dani Cutler, KWSS FM


Prophecy Album Cover

"The release of their album, Prophecy, cemented The Stakes as the premier live hip-hop band in town"
—Phoenix New Times

"The day I discovered The Stakes' full-length album Prophecy...I didn't know whether to dance, laugh, cry, start a riot or run in the streets to express the joy in my veins"
—Java Magazine

"A great-sounding record"
—The Arizona Republic

"This shit is fire right here."
—YabYum Music+Arts

The Stakes Music Volume One Album Cover

"A brilliant introduction"
—The Arizona Republic

"A full band hip-hop dynamo primed to blow at any second"
—Modern Times Magazine

"Fans of hip-hop, jazz, and good music in general will enjoy this first collection of music from The Stakes"